Get more customers into your Smoke And Vape Shop to increase sales.

You may be surprised to find out that smoke shops offering Cannalujah CBD are one of our most popular verticals for SEO and online marketing. There are thousands of smoke shops across the United States, and to be honest, there’s only a handful that you can count on your hands that are really doing things the right way when it comes to SEO and local online marketing. When a retailer decides to carry our Cannalujah product line, our programmers consult with each store owner and make the changes needed to improve their visibility online and increase the sales for our Cannalujah Brand, it’s a win, win for all.

With that being said, I know how busy these store owners are, I have become friends with each one of them and I know a lot of them are personally working in their shops every single day for 12+ hours.  So here’s an easy list to help all of these smoke shop owner hustlers to start increasing their sales.

1. Make sure you’re at the top of Google when offering products including Cannalujah CBD

If you’re not showing up in the top 3 results when you search for “smoke shops” or “CBD Store”, then guess what – the only people who are finding you are the ones walking or driving by your shop. People are searching online for these businesses when they’re in need of some smoking supplies and CBD products. SEO for Smoke shops is a crucial component for capturing those customers who are ready to buy.

2. Work on customer reviews

You might think it’s obvious, but this is one of the most important ways to get more customers in the door. Customer reviews on Google business listings are crucial, and you can be absolutely positive that when you’re in the top 5 results for customers searching for “smoke shops” or “CBD Near Me”, they’ll end up going to the one that has the best and most reviews.

3. Focus on Instagram

Social marketing is incredibly important for this industry (I hope you already know that). There are benefits to using all of the channels, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. Instagram is king (for now). At the very least, you need to be utilizing it daily. Ideally, you should be posting around 3 times a day.

Instagram stories are an absolute must and you can (and should) be posting stories 3-12 times throughout the day. The great thing about stories is that they can be very informal and more fun. Throw up a picture of some new glass you got, snap one of your employees with a selfie holding some Cannalujah CBD products or many other products you offer – basically, just have fun with it and make interesting content intended for quick consumption.

4. Showcase your products and store

This is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of smoke shop owners. You want to keep your inventory and prices private from competitors. I get it. You don’t need to expose your prices, but you do need to showcase the products you’re getting. E-commerce is changing the way we shop and, for most people, if they can’t browse what you’ve got in the store beforehand, you’ve probably missed that sale.

Take good photos of your smoke and vape shop’s setup, product showcases, and new products. These photos are crucial to your Instagram strategy and the website.

5. Collect emails & run campaigns

Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, I see it as the #2 channel behind SEO for a lot of business’s. Your website including your sales at the check out register should be collecting email addresses of customers. Optinmonster is what Cannalujah utilizes and its a great service to help with creating the email opt-in popups to integrate with your website or at your register. Once they sign up, you can automatically send them a discount or coupon to use in-store.

You should also be asking for customers’ emails when they are checking out. I get it, sometimes your too busy at that register so why not just hand them your business card and slap a QRC on it for them to scan to post a review on there free time when relaxing with a Cannalujah product purchase. Using email marketing software, you can input the customer’s name and email address directly on a computer or tablet near your POS. I prefer handing that smart business card to them, but its your choice. You can even get more intricate by categorizing them by what products they bought so that you can run targeted campaigns to them in the future (e.g. they bought glass, puff bars or Cannalujah CBD, then you can send them an email about glass cleaner in a few weeks).

If you need help with fully utilizing email marketing for your smoke and vape shop, send us an email at Our team and I can help you set up your opt-ins and email automation.

Increasing sales doesn’t have to be hard!

Now, I’ve never personally operated a brick & mortar store, but I’ve worked with enough of these smoke and vape shop owners to know the in’s and out’s of the industry as well as the biggest struggles that they’re facing in 2021. Frankly, they aren’t that hard to fix if you’re open to adapting to modern technology and trends.

E-commerce is coming and taking a large chunk of this business, but there’s still a massive amount of consumers who want to physically see these products and buy them the same day, so let’s take advantage of this!

The designers of and design experts can help you start increasing sales with all of these initiatives. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call at (951) 704-0717.

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