Consider Cannalujah CBD For Muscle Recovery

Cannabidiol is gaining alot of attention in the gym for sore muscle relief from a good workout. Though you may not recognize its scientific moniker, you’ve probably seen it referred to by its 3 letter nickname: CBD.

CBD is extracted and infused in almost everything and everywhere these days, and in a many different forms. You can find it in capsules, gummies, tinctures, oils, balms, cocktails, cookies—even coffee sold at small-town bakeries. Its market share in the health and wellness space will likely only continue to grow. Analysts estimating its value will hit $2 billion by 2022.

CBD has a great deal of implied benefits with a ton of proof to back those cases. Everything from helping patients battle severe illnesses, to sleeping disorders, to seizures in children with Epilepsy.

While those appear conceivably tremendous achievements, CBD is likewise to help with smaller things. Recuperating quicker from exercises on account of its calming properties is important for those who enjoy working out. Before you plunge into a pool of Cannalujah CBD oil, here’s all that you have to know.

Why are we sore after a workout anyway?

No matter how fit you are, sometimes you just feel it after a workout. Some workouts can leave you sore for days. That’s because, working out can cause microscopic damage to muscle fibers. Those muscles then become inflamed, which triggers the body to respond and repair, causing muscle soreness or stiffness.

Right On. So, what exactly is CBD again?

CBD is one of more than 100 chemical compounds found in cannabis plants, which include both marijuana and industrial hemp. CBD is a close chemical cousin to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical compound found in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects.

Though CBD is just one atom arrangement away from becoming THC, that microscopic difference is actually huge. No matter how much CBD oil you consume or CBD topicals you apply, you will not get high from it. Which means…

I can legally buy Cannalujah CBD?

Yes. In December, President Donald Trump signed a new Farm Bill. The farm bill legalized the growth, distribution, and sale of industrialized hemp. Hemp is now allowed to be “cultivated for any use”—including the production and extraction of CBD.

There are a few caveats to the bill, but generally you’re now safe to buy CBD across the United States. Even professional athletes use CBD, as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed it from its prohibited substance list in 2018. So relax, your gold medals are safe.

How should I use Cannalujah CBD for recovery?

Beyond CBD oils and tinctures, CBD is often sold in infused balms, lotions, capsules, edibles, vape pens, and more. Basically, you just need to decide if you’d like to ingest it or rub it on for relief.

Again, you’re mostly on your own to determine exactly how much CBD you should take to feel its effects. Everyone reacts differently to CBD dosaging. Find your sweet spot. Once you feel the desired effect, though, you won’t have to up the dose. If you use CBD oil for recovery, you can just fill the pipette to the same spot every time.

Try it, if your doctor says it’s OK and you’re game to try CBD instead of traditional anti-inflammatories, do it. Try it for a few weeks while varying the delivery method and dose to find what works best for you. Who knows? By tomorrow, you could be recovering faster from your workout and have one less excuse to skip a day.