24/7 Online And Automated Phone Verications

Connecting To Your Marijuana Doctor Has Never Been This Easy.

Thomas Wiggins M.D. provides alternative care for pain management and anxiety that is holistic and natural. Doctor Thomas Wiggins M.D. offers a pathway for patients to stop consuming harmful pharmaceuticals and into a treatment plan that doesn’t involve narcotics. Whether your in the need a medical evaluations to access a dispensary or delivery service or you would like to consult with a physician prior to use CBD products, we are here to help.

1. First Step

Create a free account and login into your dashboard and fill out our new patient intake form. If you are renewal, Dr. Wiggins needs to get an update from your previous evaultion and document any updates.



2. Second Step

Once you submit your intake form and it has been accepted by Dr. Wiggins medical assistants you will recieve a link with a special passcode to enter a virtual tele-medical waiting room.



3. Final Step

Congratulations, That was easy. Now download your physician recomendation from your doctor via your email and or dashboard. We will also send your original paper work and medical card via mail. You should recieve it within 5 business days. You can access dispensaries immediatly with your downloaded statement. It’s that simple.

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Physician Evaluations Are Provided By Thomas Wiggins, M.D.